Logistics management

Logistics management

For activities where a well-managed logistics service is a real advantage over competitors, Gravograph is committed to providing logistics management and high quality after sales services.

Management of logistics services

You can easily send your Gravograph equipment for maintenance and repair to one of our 25 branches. We guarantee a local dedicated support team. Our skilled technicians will perform a full inspection of your less portable equipment, on site at your premises or alternatively you could send or bring your lighter and more easily transported equipment to our premises for a thorough inspection

Thanks to our 3 productions sites and our mobile technical teams based near you, you can be guaranteed that breakdowns will be fixed quickly. This means enhanced productivity, and therefore a better return on investment from your equipment

To meet your most pressing needs, we have a permanent stock of spare parts. This means you can be guaranteed fast and effective delivery. 

Our full range of logistic services: 



Repairs and services:

Our logistics services in key areas:

Our international presence ensures we can provide reactive and versatile responses to all our customers. 

All our parts comply with CE requirements.

Our logistics experts, our sales and after sales network, are the strength behind our know-how, and they are here to help you with all your needs.    

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