Jig ranges

Jig ranges

Gravograph brings you an extended range of vice jigs to secure all types of objects during engraving. Our jigs are compatible with all engraving machines.

Jigs for large plates with removable studs
Jigs for large plates with removable studs
Jigs for bangles
Jigs for bangles
Jigs for large plates with removable studs
  • Details

    Gravograph brings you an extensive range of jigs and clamping devices designed for our customers and alongside them, specially made for:

    • Flat engraving
    • Jewellery
    • Gifts and tableware
    • Specific applications
  • Features

    Gravograph brings you an extensive range of jigs and clamping devices.  Product supply depends on the type of application and object to be secured

    Flat engraving

    Celeron jig 150 mm Aluminium jig 150mm Aluminium jig 240mm Aluminium jig for large plates

    Standard celeron jigs

    150 mm (5.9'')

    Ref. 10165

    Aluminium  jigs

    150 mm (5.9'')

    Ref. 20189

    Aluminium jigs

    240 mm (9.5'')

    Ref. 21131

    Large plate aluminium jigs

    310 x 110 mm (12'' x 4'')

    Ref. 20191

    Gravofoil vice Gravogrip accessory Support table accessory and Gravogrip Rectangular support table accessory and Gravogrip

    Gravofoil vice

    Ref. 22868


    Other sizes available

    Support table + Gravogrip

    Ref. 72024 for IM4

    Ref. 70997 for M20/M20XL

    Support table + Gravogrip

    Ref. 71116 for IS200

    Ref. 45697 for M40


    Jigs for bracelets and chains of all shapes Jigs for watches Jigs for signet rings Self-centring jewellery vice

    Bracelets/baby ID jigs for any shape/thickness

    Ref. 28192

    Swatch/medal jigs - fits any shape

    Ref. 10182

    Signet rings with protection pads

    Ref. 20194

    Self-centring X-Y jewellery vice

    Ref. 22870

    Jig for bangles Jig for rings with large stones Set of 3 jigs for wedding rings  

    Bangle and bracelet jigs

    Ref. 51729

    Jig for ring with large stone

    Ref. 30050

    Set of 3 jigs for wedding bands

    Ref. 12500


    Gifts and tableware

    Jigs for spectacle arms Jigs for cutlery with adjustable edges Jigs for cutlery with removable studs Celeron jigs for badges

    Spectacle bow jigs

    Adjustable length

    Ref. 20190

    Cutlery jigs with adjustable straps

    Ref. 20129

    Cutlery jigs with relocatable pins

    Ref. 22370

    Celeron badge jigs

    103 x 36 mm (4'' x 1.4'')

    Ref. 20128

    Jigs for pens and tubes Jigs for clip pens Multi-grip jigs with studs and sliding stop Jigs for large plates/tray with removable studs

    Pen & tubular object jigs

    Ref. 10169

    Clip pen jigs

    Ref. 20842

    Multigrip jigs with sliding pins & stops

    Ref. 20196

    Large plate/silver jigs with relocatable pins

    Ref. 20192

    Jigs for mobile phones Jigs for Swiss penknives    

    Cell phone jigs

    Ref. 49510

    Swiss army knife jigs

    Ref. 28067


    Specific applications

    Jigs for printed circuits with studs Non-machined celeron jigs Funeral plaque jigs for the M20

    Circuit board jigs with locating pins

    Ref. 16638

    Celeron unmachined jigs

    152 x 38 mm (6'' x 1.5'')

    Ref. 10179

    Funeral plate jigs for M20

    164 x 50 mm (6.5'' x 2'')

    Ref. 47697

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