Engrave your photos accurately!

Photo engraving in just a few clicks; that's the power of Photostyle!

Engraving of metal lighters
Engraving of metal lighters
Engraving of metal lighters
  • Details

    6 quick and easy steps to engraving your photos with a CNC machine

    1. Select the "Create a multiline object with the Point & Shoot function"
    2. Move the engraving head to specify the contour of the area to be engraved (Point & Shoot function)
    3. Import your photo into the mask created
    4. Fine tune your picture: change the size, modify the contrast, rework the details, etc.
    5. Set the parameters
    6. Start engraving!
  • Features

    PhotoLase feature (for laser machines)

    • Import the rendered version of your image
    • Add a background image, decorative frame and text
    • Fine tune your image settings, e.g. contrast, levels, etc.
    • Choose your material to preview the finished photo after laser marking

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