Touchscreen software for designing your engravable message
Bringing fun to engraving!

Who said personalising objects should be left to the experts?
Just like you would with a smartphone, use the tips of your fingers to engrave and add unique value to your objects.

Gravotouch, when engraving becomes fun!
Gravotouch, when engraving becomes fun!
Gravotouch, when engraving becomes fun!
  • Details

    Fun and friendly interface

    Thanks to its touchscreen interface and predefined settings, engraving is like child's play!
    Designed for personalising items in a shop, the interface adapts to suit current smartphones and touchscreen tablets devices. The user is guided step-by-step until engraving is finished.

    The interface is so straightforward, allowing the customer to do their own design.

    GravoTouch is based on your own collections, which simplifies the process.

    Adding major value to shops

    By providing this wonderful experience, your items take on a unique sentimental value. .

    The software's simplicity allows the sales assistant to give the customer their full attention and emphasises the value of the personalisation. The customer can really get involved with the process, ensuring a truly personal experience.

    The international presence of Gravograph ensures customer proximity for a fast and efficient locally based service.

    Personalisation functions

    Each engravable message is unique, and a number of tools have been designed to make it stand out:

    • Browse through the wide selection of fonts optimised for engraving
    • GravoTouch offers a graphics and symbols library based on a wide variety of themes. 
    • If you want to go one step further, you can import photos and edit them to get the best possible finish on the chosen item.
    • And if you're an exacting and creative user, you can even grab a pen and add your own handwritten message on the graphic tablet, thanks to Dedicace™ , our patented technology.
  • Features

    Compatible OS:

    Microsoft Windows (7 / 8 / 10)

    Multi-technology for marking

    Rotary, CO2 & Fibre laser.

    Importing photos

    Webcam, external hard drive, SD and USB ports, Bluetooth, WiFi, email and MMS.


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