Colouring and Laser Marking Products

Laser marking for metals, paints and paint thinners, oxidisers, wax sticks and heat transfers.

Add a burst of colour to the background of any acrylic or aluminium engraving, blacken a brass engraving, or mark metals with a laser... There are so many possibilities offered by our range of colouring products for laser and mechanical applications!

Colouring a brass door plate with Gravolaque
Colouring a brass door plate with Gravolaque
Colouring 2
Colouring 2
Colouring 3
Colouring 3
Colouring 4
Colouring 4
Colouring 5
Colouring 5
Colouring 6
Colouring 6
Colouring 7 - ArtFoil
Colouring 7 - ArtFoil
Colouring 8
Colouring 8
Colouring 9
Colouring 9
Colouring 10
Colouring 10
Colouring a brass door plate with Gravolaque
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    Whatever your method of engraving (laser or mechanical) and whichever material you are using, we offer a corresponding range of colouring products. 

    * These products are shipped via land transport. Contact us for other means of transport.

    Laser marking

    Paints and paint thinners


    Metal laser marking: Thermark® and Cermark®

    A selection of premium products that are well-known on the market to achieve perfect black marking. They are compatible with stainless steel, titanium, chromium, nickel, aluminium, steel, copper, brass and the majority of crude metals.




    A water-based product enabling easy and rapid cleaning of the product surplus, to reveal the black marking that has been obtained in this way.

    Available as an aerosol, ink or tape.

    Designation Capacity or dimensions Reference
    Thermark® LMM 14 Aerosol 170 g (6 oz) 67 120 (*)
    Thermark® LMM 14 Ink 50 g (1.76 oz) 67 119
    Thermark® LMM 6018LF1 Tape 2.54 cm x 15 m (1" x 50') 71 866
    Thermark® LMM 6018LF2 Tape 5 cm x 15 m (2" x 50') 67 121




    An alcohol-based product for easy preparation before engraving. Ideal for large batch production. Cermark contains a curing agent that enables the easy preparation of products. The laser beam bonds the product to the metal.

    Available as an aerosol and a paste.

    Designation Capacity or dimensions Referemce
    Cermark® LMM 6000 Aerosol 340 g (12 oz) 68 880 (*)
    Cermark® LMM 6000 Paste 50 g (1.76 oz) 68 878 (*)
    250 g (8.82 oz) 68 879 (*)
    500 g (17.64 oz) 69 974 (*)


    How to use Thermark® and Cermark®:

    1. Apply a fine layer to the metal
    2. Leave to dry for 2 minutes
    3. Engrave using a laser
    4. Clean the product surplus off

     We recommend that you use this product in a well ventilated space and that you purchase a protection kit as shown below. 


    Protection kit

    Protection kit

    Contains a pair of protective goggles, 2 pairs of protective gloves (size 8 and 9), 2 protective masks and a box of cleaning wipes.

    Ref. 66 599


    Paints and paint thinners

    To avoid painting, use our Gravoply™ 3C material



    Ultra brilliant polyurethane paint for colouring Gravoglas™1, Gravoglas™2-PLEX™, anodised aluminium and brass.

    9 colours available: white, yellow, red, green, blue, silver, gold, brilliant gold and black and the possibility of creating a colour of your choice using a RAL**.

    Available in bottles of 250 ml (8.45 Oz) with a pouring nozzle for precise application.

        **minimum quantity 4 bottles

    Colour Reference
    White 72 195 (*)
    Yellow 72 200 (*)
    Red 72 196 (*)
    Green 72 199 (*)
    Blue 72 197 (*)
    Silver 72 202 (*)
    Gold 72 198 (*)
    Brilliant gold 72 201 (*)
    Black 72 194 (*)
    Custom 72 203 (*)


    How to apply Gravolaque:

    1. Protect your object for engraving using our Rubafix scotch tape (reference 16 248)
    2. Pour the required quantity of Gravolaque onto the object, then spread it out using our spatula (reference 72 885)
    3. Clean the surplus Gravolaque using our wipes (reference 24 296) and the application thinner for tools (reference 19 469)


    Related products:

    • Replacement nozzle (reference: 72 204)
    • Application thinner 1L (reference: 19 469)*
    • Cleaning thinner for tools 1L (reference: 19 468)*
    • Application kit containing a spatula, Rubafix roller and wipes (reference: 72 886)




    Universal quick-dry paint for colouring metals, steels and plastics.

    Available in bottles of 250 ml (8.45 Oz)

    Colour Reference
    White 30 373 (*)
    Red 30 375 (*)
    Blue 30 377 (*)
    Black 30 374 (*)


    Designed for the black colouring of fine engraving, Gravograph carries two oxides: an oxide for aluminium and an oxide for protected brass.




    For black colouring after brass engraving, use Gravoxide. Ideal for the oxidisation of Gravometall™. Simple, effective and non-mess.

    Available in bottles of 90 ml (3 Oz) with an applicator (reference: 21 129)

    Warning: do not use Gravoxide on brass that has not been protected with a varnish

    Rotary engraving only




    For black colouring after the engraving of anodised aluminium:

    Available in bottles of 90 ml (3 Oz) with an applicator (reference: 21 130)

    Rotary engraving only


    Cold wax sticks

    stick of wax

    Ideal for colouring small characters. Recommended for pens, Swiss army knives and any items to be personalised.

    Easy to use, applied directly onto the engraving support.

    Available in 8 colours.

    Colour Reference
    White 20 215
    Yellow 20 217
    Red 20 220
    Green 20 221
    Blue 20 216
    Silver 20 214
    Gold 20 219
    Black 20 218

    Available in boxes of 5 sticks of an identical colour



    artfoil To be used with Artfoil™ solution for hot transfer. Available in 2 colours: gold and silver. This gives fantastic results on materials such as leather, raw wood and synthetic materials with a leather appearance.
    Colour Reference
    Silver 72 884
    Gold 72 883

    Sold in rolls of a width of 50 mm (1.97') and a length of 61 m (66 yards)

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