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Testimonial – Scarlett Jewellery


Stevie, from Scarlett Jewellery, has developed her successful jewellery business with a Gravograph engraver.

My name is Stevie and I run two jewellery brands: Scarlett Jewellery since 1997, and Off The Map Jewellery since 2018. My workshop is in Hove, near Brighton. I sell my personalised jewellery online, directly to my clients. I engrave the back of flat pendants, flat shaped pendants, curved charms with undulating surfaces, bead shaped charms, small tag pendants, court shaped wedding and signet rings.


I was using a vintage pantograph to do our engraving as most of our designs are irregular in shape, or cast using traditional methods, so the surfaces are curved or not entirely flat. The company's unique engraving style is much deeper than most other jewellers, so I needed to get that same depth on small pieces. Finding something that can engrave in fine detail on odd shaped pieces of silver and gold was a huge challenge.


The Scarlett Jewellery founder met Gravograph to discuss about personalisation machines possibilities. I came to the main factory to discuss with Gravograph's UK Business Manager and brought along some of our most tricky pieces to experiment with. It was the only way I could be sure I was going achieve the look needed.


Scarlett Jewellery - engraved beads
Scarlett Jewellery - engraved pendant
Some jewellery pieces have irregular shapes


After a few successful trials we bought the M20Jewel IQ: it's small, can fit on a desk, and allows us to do almost all the engraving we want. We have had a custom made 'pen' tool for one of our designs to allow us to deeply engrave all the way around a barrel shaped bead. It's been well worth the expense to have it made and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again.

I've added extras to it with steel cutters, various mounts and things to hold signet rings. I use my engraving machine daily and it never lets me down!


Scarlett Jewellery - custom made pen tool
M20 engraver
Custom-made 'pen' tool M20J engraving machine


I no longer have to outsource my engraving which means my lead times for customers are massively reduced which in turn increased sales. It paid for itself in only a year. The finish quality is great, and my M20J IQ allows me to experiment everyday and put together new designs.


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The Gravograph UK team thank Stevie Holmes, Director of Scarlett Jewellery and Off the Map, for her time and testimony.

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Testimonial – Scarlett Jewellery

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