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Testimonial – Cari-Jane Hakes


Cari-Jane has created a successful range of personalised jewellery pieces, in which poetry goes hand to hand with ingenuity.

My name is Cari-Jane Hakes and I am a goldsmith. I was accepted as a partner on a famous online gift store and developed a necklace that could be personalised by the customer with important dates or messages. It became a best seller in the run-up to Mother's Day one year and then was picked to be part of their Christmas campaign.


I was hand stamping all the personalisation and I knew that to keep up with an increased volume of sales I was going to have to find a new way of adding the personalised text to the necklace. I went to a trade show in Harrogate, close to my studio in Yorkshire, to see the M20 in action. I took along some samples to see how they would engrave and placed an order on the spot!

M20 engraver
Cari Jane Hakes - day my life changed necklace
The M20 mechanical engraver Cari-Jane Hakes famous "Day my life changed" necklace


Recently I've used the M20 to do some complex flat engraving on some exhibition pieces. I use Adobe Illustrator to create the engraving path for the machine and then incorporate these engraved pieces into main body of the piece.


Cari Jane Hakes - engraved pendant
Cari Jane Hakes - engraved necklace rectangle
Cari Jane Hakes - engraved golden pendant
The M20 allows Cari-Jane Hakes to explore new designs on complex shapes


Increased productivity was the main initial reason for purchasing my M20.  There was no way I would have got through that first busy Christmas period hand stamping all my client's personalisation!  I still use it to personalise my bestselling necklaces, but it also made me think about new designs that I could make that could incorporate engraved text elements, so this allowed me to expand my range


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The Gravograph UK team thank Cari-Jane Hakes for her time and testimony.

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Testimonial – Cari-Jane Hakes

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