Fight against COVID-19: perhaps you can help


For the attention of all laser users:


 As we are facing up to the unfolding Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic, it is becoming clear that here in the UK and indeed worldwide there is a shortage of equipment to protect medical staff from infection.


We are relying on these brave people to save lives, and they are putting their own lives at serious risk in the process. 

A community of businesses and individuals is coming together to pool resources, manufacturing capabilities & knowledge, in order to supply our invaluable healthcare people with the equipment they so desperately need.

These are people with 3d printers, laser cutters, CNC machinery, materials, distribution & logistics capabilities, that can contribute to this effort.


Here at Gravograph we are hoping that you can join us in this endeavour.

If you think you can participate in any way, please register at this link as soon as possible.


This website was initially set up by the UK 3d printing community, but has become the portal to use if you want to be part of this, the UK division of the global movement to help in the fight against the Covid-19 Coronavirus.


Our nurses, medics and doctors are on the frontline. They need face shields, masks & other PPE equipment. Together we have access to machines that can be put to use making this, and getting it to where it is needed most.

Laser cutters can make the face shields far faster than any 3d printer can, so we are in an ideal position to make a significant contribution.

Please, if your laser is idle, or even if it isn't, please help us turn the tide. 


We can make a difference.



PPE masks cutting at Gravograph today for the NHS

PPE masks cutting at Gravograph on Thursday 26/03 for the NHS



There is a high demand for personal protection equipment (PPE) masks for the NHS, and many lasers across the UK are currently being used to manufacture those.

PPE masks laser cutting is best done using PETG for the clear visors, however there is a shortage of this product at the moment and we are unfortunately unable to supply PETG sheets.


Face shield for NHS
Face shield detail
Face shield job

Download the Face Mask cutting jobs:


Tutorial video: how to create Protective Face Shields

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread, masks and other protective equipment have been in short supply. It is crucial that this equipment is always available to healthcare providers so that they may save lives without putting their own at risk.

This tutorial goes through the process of creating a protective face shield using a Co2 laser and engraving material.


Download all the files on the Youtube description