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Discover Musgrove Willows testimonial on our 10-year-old partnership!

Musgrove Willows, a family ran business, was founded in 1928. Our farm in Somerset has always grown the highest quality willow, over 60 different varieties on 100+ acres. Our willow and willow products are supplied to customers around the world. Our relationship with Gravograph began in 2009 when we purchased our first pantograph engraving machine, the ever-popular Gravograph IM3. We began using the machine at our premises in Somerset to engrave wooden coffin plates for our handcrafted willow coffins, importantly keeping in touch with our sustainable and environmentally friendly ethics.


 From mechanical... 


Musgrove Willows - M40 As demand for our coffins surged we also saw a rise in demand for our wooden coffin plaques. To help us cope with the increased demand and the need to supply more complex designs, once again we called on Gravograph for their expert advice and knowledge. Gravograph demonstrated their M40 to us, a fully computerised mechanical engraver. We made an instant decision to purchase the machine. The benefits were clear to us. It was quicker, fully automated and most importantly less laborious in the sense that there was no need to constantly fiddle around with slides and letters. Little over 4 days from the initial demonstration the M40 was installed at our premises, our team were fully trained and we were ready to embark on the next chapter of our engraving journey.



To laser engraving!


Wooden coffin plaque In June 2019 Musgrove's attended the National Funeral Exhibition. We went onto the Gravograph stand to discover our next purchase, this time a laser, the LS100! At the show, our local sales representative, Dean spoke about the laser and provided a superb demonstration. Easily achieving crisp marks on a variety of materials including wood, slate, leather and glass. He clearly illustrated the benefits of the CO2 laser, the range of materials that we could work on and the simplicity of operating Gravographs' software. We were impressed and didn't need much convincing on the purchase. Apart from wooden plaques we wanted to offer more to our customers having received multiple requests for leather and slate marking. Purchase order raised, signed and sent, our new laser was booked in for delivery and installation, we knew Gravograph would make the whole process seamless and we weren't left disappointed.



Recently, we hosted a series of Open Days attended by new and existing clients. It gave us the opportunity to show how our willow is grown, treated and woven into the highest quality willow coffins. We also invited Gravograph as it was important that our clients saw that we were investing in not only a machine, but a brand who were able to offer support. It was positive to hear that so many customers were encouraged about our diversification and investment. All the attendees were given engraved slate coasters hot off the Gravograph laser machine!

Musgrove Willows - coaster

Laser engraved coaster 

The story goes on

Musgrove Willows has never stood still. We have always looked to advance and innovate. Since 1928, we've prided ourselves on providing the highest quality products and service and we chose Gravograph because they too possess the same values. It's been 10 years since we purchased our first Gravograph engraving machine and during that time we can honestly say the build quality and aftercare has been excellent. There are cheaper machines available, but we didn't want to compromise on quality and service. We highly recommend Gravograph and would like to thank them for their continued support and guidance.



The Gravograph UK team thank Ellen Musgrove, Director of Musgrove Willows, for her time and testimony.

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Testimonial - Musgrove Willows

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