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Engraving, cutting and milling equipment for fab labs and training centres
Engraving, cutting and milling equipment for fab labs and training centres
Education-specific solutions: licenses, machines, consumables etc.
Education-specific solutions: licenses, machines, consumables etc.
Laser cutter for your wood projects in Fablab
Laser cutter for your wood projects in Fablab
Design your industrial or architectural models
Design your industrial or architectural models
Fablab: Innovate and design in a collaborative manufacturing laboratory
Fablab: Innovate and design in a collaborative manufacturing laboratory
Engraving, cutting and milling equipment for fab labs and training centres

Client needs



The markerspaces, which include Fablabs and Techshops, are participatory places dedicated to collaborative production for the design and production of objects of all kinds, open to the public and providing a wide range of machines and tools.

It is essential for these manufacturing laboratories to be operational quickly with the equipment available.

The Fablabs, places of collaborative design, offer a wide audience of creative inventors (or companies and individuals) production means for the manufacture of architectural models, model making, prototypes, and products as well as artistic and industrial design.

These spaces are places where everyone's knowledge (companies, individuals, DIY enthusiasts or developers) meets and develops the innovations of tomorrow.

New concepts such as makerspaces and new needs in universities and schools meet the same needs:

  • Equipping yourself with a fleet of machines: laser cutting machine, digital milling machine (CNC) and other computer-controlled machines
  • Get operational quickly on the equipment (or immediately if you already have experience in another manufacturing laboratory)
  • ​​​​​​Guarantee the reproducibility of the objects designed, and also ensure their compatibility with the techniques used

Solution proposed



For reasons of general security and user safety, Gravograph addresses all types of user profiles by offering safe solutions, respecting the latest international standards to allow you to discover, learn and work under optimal conditions.

Whatever the answers to the questions below, Gravograph adapts to your needs and offers you adapted equipment.

  • Questions to answer to find a solution
    1. What is your application?
    2. What are the minimum and maximum dimensions of your objects to be engraved or manufactured?
    3. What are these objects made of?
    4. How frequently will this equipment be used?

    Key questions to qualify and answer your need.


The M series digital milling machines, practical and economical, which can improve upon manual systems.


LS100 and LS1000 series laser cutting machines for your work from small to very large size, with CO2 laser technology. Compatible with laser cutting of plastics, acrylic, leather, cardboard, paper, textile, wood, foam...


Do you want to develop new skills in your school, company or training centre?

Contact our experts who will advise and assist you in your process!

Client benefits

With their manufacturing and laser technologies for cutting and prototyping, the computer controlled machines in the Gravograph range meet the needs of the manufacturing world for versatile, safe and educational equipment.

The complete Gravograph offer is aimed at all project leaders:



Technician student

Student technicians








Creative People





But also for inventors, artists...


Users have access to competent cutting, surfacing, routing and machining equipment on a multitude of materials: wood, plastics, aluminium, mild steels, paper, acrylic, cardboard, fabrics, plywood and MDF.

Aware that your learning must be fast and efficient, whether you are a professional, industrial user or artisan, Gravograph equipment is easy to use and master. For solid and complete learning, our experts train you on our machines so that you can quickly become autonomous and efficient.




Safety and security


Gravograph equipment provides a double insurance for its users. Our laser cutters are certified class 1 according to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

Beyond this classification of safe lasers, our engineers design robust materials with additional (and not inconsiderable) accessories to work in a healthy environment: chip extractors, filtered extractors....

On the fablab, institution or markerspace side, Gravograph machines are reliable and do not deteriorate. 

They can be operated by novice or experienced users, our machines have been designed with a simple and solid approach.



Easy & affordable


Gravograph's vocation is to bring affordable and accessible machines to the market. Our digital cutting and milling machines provide a solid and simple learning experience. Once the equipment is understood, it is extremely simple to move from a project of low complexity to a more complex project and back again.

In addition to the ergonomics, our machines offer a smooth handling, the connectivity of these machines allows you to do even more! Manage your machining projects on computers or tablets and send the plan (also called the job) directly to the laser cutter or digital milling machine.


Machine de Gravure polyvalente Gravograph

Adaptable and versatile


Gravograph solutions have programming software that can create a multitude of shapes, fonts and vectors. Gravostyle™ software meets all the needs of the sector.

Our machines are not closed, they are compatible with all other software.

Our solutions allow you to cut, engrave, mark and mill for the same project without changing machines. Collaborative use and the ease of working on multiple projects

Versatility does not stop there! Our machines are able to work on projects on a wide variety of materials. You can work on metal and then need foam and the work is done in a few seconds.

The shape of your objects is not a brake, our machines are effective on flat, oblique or cylindrical parts.


Service Service


Gravograph, an expert for more than 80 years in the laser and mechanical engraving sector, aims to remain close to its employees.

Depending on your needs, our teams listen to you, guide you, advise you and accompany you throughout your project and even when it is completed. We offer training to master the tools quickly, be them tailor-made or remote.

Our full maintenance plans guarantee you a follow-up throughout the use of your equipment with technicians at your disposal.




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